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Teas & Herbs

Specialty & Custom Herbal Teas  & Blends

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    Lynnae Rhoades of Country Rhoades Farms and Nancy Alcala of Son Mountain Ranch have joined forces to venture into the world of medicinal herbs! 
    We have worked hard on our herbology courses, and have learned to make not only tasty tea and herb blends, but they are effective and with specific purposes.  Our teas are named for the systems they support and/or issues they can help deal with.  The feedback regarding the taste and effectiveness has been excellent! 
    We grow as many of the herbs as possible on our two farms, using organic practices, and dry them by air or dehydration capturing the herbal benefits for long term use. Herbs that we cannot grow in our area, we source from organic farms that specialize in the types of herbs we need to complete our blends.
    We enjoy selling our goods at our local farmer's market as well as special vendor events. We have our online store available if you are unable to attend local events. 
     *Please note there is an option for local pick up in your check out area.  
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